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Haugland Learning Center Announces Name Change


In 2020, New Story Schools (NSS) purchased Haugland Learning Center. We've taken the year for the businesses to get to know each other, and are now happy to announce that we're moving forward with a big change! In the fall, Haugland Learning Center students in Ohio will return to find the same educational experience under a new name, New Story Schools -- Ohio!

Building on Haugland Learning Center's legacy, we will continue our mission to be an organization that removes barriers for all children. "We are a mission-driven company," said Paul Volosov, President at New Story Schools. "Our mission is to help young people facing complex challenges live a quality life, and we are excited to partner with Haugland Learning Center, because their work fits so closely with our mission. We respect the legacy they have built and feel that this new name will help us continue to build on it."

We want to continue to emphasize that the change in name serves to help align the two organizations, but we will continue to prioritize preserving the experiences and developments of our students.

"We will continue to focus on allowing students to be successful," said Morten Haugland, Senior Vice President. "For years, we have helped students overcome barriers and achieve success. While the name on the door changes to reflect our new partnership, the experience in our classrooms will remain intact as we work to improve continuously. Our families know to expect excellence from us, and we will continue to deliver."