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Elementary school special education boy with raised arms is happy to be at New Story Schools.

Why New Story

New Story Schools offer a safe, nurturing environment for our students and their families. We ensure that each student’s needs are met, and that they have the necessary supports to learn, grow and achieve their goals.

Whether you are a parent, teacher or district personnel, your goal is to find the best educational placement for your student. Our evidence-based approach ensures that we appropriately support students with Autism and Emotional Support needs. We have a long history of empowering students with serious and complex behavioral and educational challenges to write a new story for their lives.

The key tenants of our approach include:

A special education student looks thoughtfully at a worksheet she is completing.

A Focus on Each Student

A one-size-fits-all approach frequently does not support the needs of individual students placed in special education settings. Each student’s strengths and challenges are unique, and therefore we build an individualized plan that includes strategies and interventions to promote success.

Academic Commitment

All of our students are capable of academic achievement. The curriculum used for each student is aligned with state standards and has documented research evidencing improved educational outcomes.

An elementary school student writes as his special education teacher looks on.
Special education teacher providing education lesson on days of the week to elementary school boy with autism.

A Strong Behavioral Foundation

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides the framework for students to learn appropriate behaviors to succeed in an academic environment.

Therapeutic Integration

Our integration of Multi-Tiered System of Supports, Counseling, Social-Emotional Learning and Speech and Occupational Therapies into the academic setting enables us to meet the needs of the whole student.

A special education teacher helps her elementary school student with an exercise using colored foam shapes.
Special education teen girl, in the Transition program, stocking shelves as part of developing life skills.

Transition Readiness

As we create individualized plans, we build student experiences around the goal of returning to their home school district with the skills and tools needed to succeed in a traditional education setting. Where a return to a student’s home district is not appropriate, New Story collaborates with families and school districts to prepare students for a successful transition into adulthood.

Expertise Builds a Good Experience

We value the trust it requires to educate your student. Therefore, we hire highly qualified teachers, therapists, counselors, and other support staff. The combined education and experience of the staff provides a team of experts to support your student in achieving their goals.

Giggling staff member and elementary special education boy playing outdoors at a jungle gym.
This special education school library is full of books, tables for reading, and features a smart board.

Setting for Success

While each location is customized to meet the needs of its community, New Story Schools invests in the resources to provide state of the art academic and behavioral programs. From sensory rooms, gyms, STEAM labs, we make sure that each school has space and equipment to meet the needs of students.