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Dana's Brag Board -- 9-28-21


At New Story Schools, we are always so proud of our team members' ability to go above and beyond in their work. Our team members have a difficult job as it is, but I often see and hear of stories where they show their true love for the profession by going above and beyond. In this monthly series, I would like to take some time to recognize our team members who put in the extra effort and to brag about them a little bit. We truly appreciate all the work our team members do, and we especially appreciate when they do more, often without provocation.

I hope that you can join me in recognizing these instances of excellence. For my next set of entries in the series, read below.

Diana Poliniak and Hannah Turner, Behavior Analyst and School Counselor

Diana Poliniak is a Behavior Analyst, and Hannah Turner is a School Counselor. Both Diana and Hannah work at New Story Schools in Berwick, PA.

Without a beat, they both took on a substitute teaching role, in addition to their roles. They have accepted many challenges, without much notice and it was done gracefully. They recognize how our school functions together and we couldn’t be more grateful that they are a part of the New Story Schools team.

Shannon Hess and Jamie Buzink, Academic and Behavior Support Staff

Shannon Hess and Jamie Buzink are Academic and Behavior Support Staff at New Story Schools in Berwick, PA.

Shannon and Jamie have showed their patience and dedication. They work 1-on-1 with high needs students and accept every challenge thrown at them. They highlighted teamwork by their ability to get through stressful situations, always keeping the students first.

Jeff Bailey, Behavior Intervention Specialist

Jeff Bailey is a Behavior Intervention Specialist at New Story Schools in Berwick, PA.

Jeff has stepped up in so many ways to make the Berwick school a better place. Developing and giving trainings during in-service week, working closely with teachers and other staff to transfer skills, and looking to take on new roles to help the school function as a whole.

Crystal Comuntzis, Assistant Behavior Analyst

Crystal Comuntzis is an Assistant Behavior Analyst at New Story Schools in Berwick, PA.

Crystal stepped in as an ABSS/Crisis Worker when needed. She has been quick to assist and can transition from one role to another without missing a step. She is filling in all over the school, as needed, and on top her main role, while maintaining such positive energy.

Logan Czajkowski, ABSS

Logan Czajkowski is an Academic and Behavior Support Staff at New Story Schools in Berwick, PA.

Logan organized swimming at the YMCA and was so flexible. We appreciate the ability you have to work with multiple students with varying needs and how you always put the needs of our school first. You are a true team player!

Michelle Lunger, ABSS

Michelle Lunger is an Academic and Behavior Support Staff at New Story Schools in Berwick, PA.

Michelle worked with her co-workers to set up the classroom, in the absence of the teacher. They did an excellent job, without complaint. It shows the dedication they have to their students and our school.