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Rivermont Danville, Virginia Campus Celebrates 25 Years!

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On Friday, March 3, Rivermont celebrated 25 years of serving students with special needs in the Danville-Pittsylvania County region. The school hosted a celebration that included speakers such as past and current administrators, Danville City Councilman Barry Mayo, Congressman Bob Good, former pro football player Ferrell Edmunds, and Senior Vice President Dr. Beth Ackerman, who oversees Rivermont’s 15 campuses.  

Edmund spoke about the impact Rivermont had on his foster son’s life. 

“God blessed us with three wonderful boys. At that time, we were wondering, ‘how can we help Danville in a positive fashion?’ So, we took on foster care. We had to reach the kids where they are at that point in their lives. Rivermont was a great help for us by helping them get through the rough and hard times in life,” said Edmunds. 

Congressman Good spoke about one of his children who experienced learning challenges growing up and said, “I have an extra appreciation from the experience that we went through and all the difference that our teachers and our staff make when you invest in young lives who need that extra help, that extra support, and extra encouragement, so thank you for what you do because you are certainly making a difference and it does last a lifetime.” 

The theme of the celebration was One Love, One Community and included musical performances and food for everyone to enjoy.  

Principal of Rivermont’s Danville campus, Terry Templeton said, "We serve over 800 students across Virginia right now, and thousands of students over the years, hundreds from this campus. We've heard 'it takes a village,’ well it takes a community to raise a child."  

Rivermont has clearly had a huge impact on the Danville community over the past 25 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.