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An elementary school boy sits in front of a computer in his special education school while holding up a page of autographs.



Meet Corey: A Heart of Gold

Meet Corey: A Heart of Gold

Corey: Age: 18, Grade: 12
Campus: Indiana, PA

Loves: Playing outside, football, Legos, and Pokémon, the movies Robocop (a described ‘oldie,’) and The Shining.

Siblings: Three 

Interesting Fact: Corey saved his neighbor’s life! When his next-door neighbor fell off of his tractor, Corey found him and ran to get help.

Favorite Teacher: Ms. Nyielah Davis, Academic and Behavior Support staff who shoots hoops with him

Currently Learning: Fractions in math class, which come easily to Corey. He’s working on a Picasso-inspired piece for the art fair.

Future Plans: Wants to be a mail carrier and know everyone in town. Short term plans include the school prom, which is rodeo themed this year!

Big Wins: Corey has a heart of gold. His classmates adore him, with one student describing him as a ‘beloved and handsome man.’ He has an incredible sense of humor where he likes to jump out and ‘scare’ the adults in the building. Rebecca Compardo, BCBA, MA, Director, New Story Schools Indiana, described Corey as a role model for other students, especially those who are younger.

He’s reached the Natural stage, which provides him with more opportunities like participating in the student council, planning and running activities for other students like the school’s recent carnival, and serving as a leader in the school.

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