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New Story Wyoming Students Learn About Vincent Van Gogh

Students at New Story Schools Wyoming recently learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. They learned about cool and warm colors, and how those colors can affect the mood of a painting. They recreated some of Van Gogh’s famous sunflowers and displayed them proudly outside their classroom.

“We discussed how it is important to always do what you love since Van Gogh didn't become a painter until late in his life,” Miss Sarah, the teacher in charge of the project, said. “We also discussed the importance of capturing the simple things in life just as Van Gogh did with sunflowers and landscapes. The students couldn't believe that he did not get his fame until after he died!”

The class will continue to learn about different famous artists and the work they have done. Next up on their journey in learning, understanding and recreating art is the artist Pablo Picasso!

“The importance of teaching art is to give the students an outlet for their emotions and to showcase their abilities in a creative manner,” Miss Sarah said. “They learn to recognize that art has no limits, and others may be able to relate to their work.”