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New Story Schools' Family of Schools Grows

As we begin to walk through 2021 together, New Story Schools wants to take a moment to recognize that 2020 brought many challenges to our students, their families and our staff. Nonetheless, we are so proud of  the dedication, hard work and resiliency that brought our special education community through those difficult times. We all have many reasons to believe that 2021 will bring brighter days.

Our current founder and president, Paul Volosov, built our company from a place of love and compassion, coupled with a powerful desire to help so many individuals who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect despite any behavioral health, intellectual or developmental challenges they may face. That mission – putting our students’ wellbeing above everything else and helping them lead more successful lives – has guided our actions and decisions ever since. It will continue to light our path into the future.

We are proud of the work and reputation we have built in Pennsylvania and are excited to announce that we have expanded our family of school brands to help support more students, families and the special needs community in other states and areas.

Today, our brands cover multiple states and include…

They may have different names, different logos, and in some cases, different populations and service models. However, at the end of the day, we all work toward the same goal of giving every child an opportunity to build a new story of success.

We encourage you to learn more about each brand -- Our Family of Schools -- and the work we do. We look forward to continuing to grow and serve more families in the special education community.