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New Cumberland Scholastic Book Fair

See what New Story was up to before the closure. We’re looking forward to getting back to awesome activities like this when school resumes!

New Story Schools in New Cumberland provided a series of activities to promote and encourage reading, including hosting its second annual Scholastic Book Fair.

The week’s activities first started with a Books N’ Brunch event for families, where students and families could read with one another while enjoying a yummy brunch buffet and peruse the Scholastic Book Fair to purchase more books to read.

Lesson plans included student-to-teacher, teacher-to-student and group reading, for students to practice and improve their reading skills. Of several books read during the week, one of the more popular books among students and teachers was “The Ruby Bridges Story,” about the first African American girl to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana. Teachers and students read the book together, discussed the historical significance, and how that moment has impacted their school experience. Older students also read with younger students giving older students an opportunity to teach reading skills while reinforcing their skills. It also gave younger students another person to model, in addition to our teachers and staff.

It was great seeing our students, teachers and parents enjoying so many great books!

For more information on the Scholastic Book Fair, read our Q&A with Ms Kathryn About the Scholastic Book Fair and view more photos on our Facebook Page.