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Dana's Brag Board -- 4/17/21

At New Story Schools, we are always so proud of our team members' ability to go above and beyond in their work. Our team members have a difficult job as it is, but I often see and hear of stories where they show their true love for the profession by going above and beyond. In this monthly series, I would like to take some time to recognize our team members who put in the extra effort and to brag about them a little bit. We truly appreciate all the work our team members do, and we especially appreciate when they do more, often without provocation. 

I hope that you can join me in recognizing these instances of excellence. For my next two entries in the series, read below. 

Cassandra Bishop -- Special Education Teacher, New Story Schools Wyoming
Cassandra has been creatively designing and implementing her lessons to cover a diverse classroom while simultaneously teaching one virtual student with very limited technological resources. Often, she is seen carrying around her laptop (A.K.A her virtual student), to be sure he can see and hear her during a lesson. She does this while also addressing the classroom needs of her entire class. Cassandra is demonstrating a deep love of teaching and for assisting her students in obtaining a meaningful education. 

Megan Huntington – Special Education Supervisor, New Story Schools Indiana
Megan was recently promoted to Special Education Supervisor. At the beginning of March, she took on the responsibility of opening up the eighth classroom at New Story’s Indiana school until a new teacher could be hired and trained. 

Rebecca Compardo, the Clinical Director at New Story Schools Indiana, spoke of a beneficial program Megan implemented in that classroom, where she encourages her students to write a letter to her where they can write to her about anything they want. They can talk about their weekend plans, they can vent frustrations or they can critique math class. Megan then takes the time to write back to the students for them to read the following week. 

“With this simple activity, I feel that Megan embodies all four of our values,” Compardo said. “She is demonstrating commitment to our students, but giving them a voice that will be heard. She is demonstrating belonging by taking the time to write back with encouragement and understanding. She is demonstrating courage by allowing her students to critique her teaching/classroom in a safe manner. And lastly, she is demonstrating the highest level of integrity by being open to any and all feedback that her students have. 

“She never responds defensively, and when appropriate, makes changes based off of student feedback that is beneficial within her classroom. I am so thankful to have someone like Megan on our team! She sets the bar high for both her colleagues and her students.”