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An Introduction to ABA and Our Clinics

An Introduction to ABA and Our Clinics

Shauna Kelley, Vice President of Marketing
New Story Management

Recently, the New Story Family of Schools announced that we are expanding our service offerings by opening Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinics in Virginia. Your Life ABA supports children, families and our community with compassionate, professional, tailored therapeutic services to help children live life fully.

While many of our families are very familiar with ABA, others may not be, so here is a refresher.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis implements behavioral interventions to improve socially significant behaviors that help your child access reinforcement within his or her environment (e.g. communication, socialization, life skills, and leisure activities).

Behavior analysts who practice ABA focus on discovering the reasons behaviors occur. Determining the function or reasons behaviors occur help analysts develop more socially appropriate replacement behaviors for your child. For example, if your child throws objects to gain adult attention, the behavior analyst would instead teach your child to raise his or her hand or use words to gain someone’s attention.

Where is ABA Used?

Applied Behavior Analysis is used in education, health care and many other settings. Many of our schools rely on an ABA foundation to help students with autism or other disorders learn. Applied Behavior Analysis clinics often serve students who need services in addition to or outside the school setting.

How Can I Learn More?

We have several resources on our website related to ABA. You can learn more about what it is, and read some tips on our blog for ways you can rely on ABA at home.

Visit the Your Life ABA website and Facebook page.

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