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Providing Quality Feedback to Students

Providing Quality Feedback to Students

Dr. Jill Blanchard is Senior Vice President of Operations in Ohio, where she leads New Story Schools and Applied Behavioral Services.            

Effective educators should be in the habit of providing constant feedback to their students. However, we often forget that they also have to teach the students how to use this feedback to gain improvement. Below are some tips for providing effective feedback:

Feedback should: 

  1. Be Timely 
  2. Focus on one ability
  3. Provide an opportunity for the student to reflect
  4. Be goal-oriented
  5. Promote a growth mindset        

Using feedback is one way to help students understand their own growth and achievement. It is also a good way to help them learn to accept feedback and use it to help them set goals for themselves. The ultimate goal is for our students to become intrinsically motivated. Educators can use feedback to help move students towards this goal.  

Helpful Resources: 

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