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An elementary school boy sits in front of a computer in his special education school while holding up a page of autographs.



Meet Lilah: Artist and Friend

Meet Lilah: Artist and Friend

Celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month all April long with us by getting to know our students! Read more about Lilah from our Sandusky campus and her passion for art and friendship. 

Grade: 7th  

Interests: Lilah loves to draw – her drawing of the school mascot, a giraffe, was recently featured in the art show!  

Loves to spend time with: Her mom, sisters, Miss Amber, classmates, and her Pit Bull, Sabrina. 

Learning about in school: She enjoys learning about angles in math class. 

Favorite teachers: Miss Amber! 

Future plans: Lilah would like to be a middle school art teacher or lifeguard when she grows up. 

Favorite thing about school: Using earned time to work on her drawing skills!

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