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Black History Month Classroom Activities

Black History Month Classroom Activities

This blog was written by Francesca Joseph, Special Education Teacher at New Story Schools in Harrisburg, PA. 

Every year, Black History Month gives teachers the opportunity to educate their students on important moments in Black history through meaningful and thought-provoking lessons. However, it is equally important to engage students in these learning opportunities in a hands-on way. This can be accomplished with several fun activities to do during Black History Month.  

Story Time! 

A great educational activity to do during Black History Month is reading books! Reading the experiences of African Americans and notable Black people helps us understand their struggles and triumphs, as well as their everyday lives. When a child reads, there are numerous benefits. Children with an autism spectrum disorder can improve their reading comprehension, establish connections between areas of the brain involved in understanding language, stimulate their cognitive development, and more. 

Click here and here to see a list of must-read children’s books for Black History Month. These books range from biographies of influential black figures to love letters to Black culture. Find which books seem best suited for your class and dive in together! 

In-Person and Virtual Field Trips 

Another educational activity option is a field trip. If inaccessible, a virtual field trip to a museum would be just as amazing. Field trips allow for specific teaching opportunities to help students feel comfortable in different environments. Support during the field trips is just as important. Students should have people they care about involved in the experience with them. Field trips can also be anxiety-provoking. Therefore, preparation is the key to reducing anxiety ahead of a field trip and helping the day go well for all the students involved.  


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Black History Month Lessons and Resources, National Education Association  

This Black History Month, we encourage you to try something new with your students and help cultivate an educational, yet memorable experience! Enjoy Black History Month’s continuous celebration! 

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