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An elementary school boy sits in front of a computer in his special education school while holding up a page of autographs.


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Author: Kara Kessel, MS, LBS, BCBA

Kara N. Kessel, MS, LBS, BCBA, is the clinical director for the New Story School in New Cumberland. She began her career with New Story in 2009 and in 2017 was promoted to clinical director. Kessel has a master’s degree in psychology from Shippensburg University. She is a board certified behavior analyst.

She finds the most rewarding part of her job is knowing that her actions are a small part of the life-changing programs that mean so much to students and their families.

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The Benefits of Goal-Setting in the classroom

The Benefits of Goal-Setting in the Classroom

Posted October 05, 2022

by: Kara Kessel, BCBA
Clinical Director, NSS New…

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Two Students in their Special Education Classroom. Boy on the left is making an "That's awesome" face and clutching a giant orange inflatable, boy on the right looks placid and holds a smaller ball.  Title: Tips for Changing Your Child's Routine

Tips for Changing Your Child's Routine

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mother comforting special education student with red backpack; Title: Preparing Your Student for a New School. Subtitle: “New rules, people and expectations, fitting in, the unknown—all of these can be difficult for anyone, especially a child transitioning to a new school. How can we help them?” New School, by Kara Kessle. Subtitle: "

Preparing Your Child For a New School

Posted July 29, 2020

As an adult, imagine how nervous you might feel starting a new…

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